Andrea Hasler

Shop Installation, show at Artrepco Galerie, Zürich, Switzerland

Luxury shopping and plastic surgery as a platform for the projection of identity and the decadence of affluence: the installation by artist Andréa Hasler plays with visions of the future, scenes of surgical fetishes and glamour that can be purchased and harnessed with the tragedy of our own longing.
The exhibition room is veiled in pink latex, music from a seventies soft porn drizzles from the loudspeakers, the odour of sexually stimulating perfume is expelled into the air. A reception desk - entirely in pink - with an appointment only policy; What awaits the visitor? - A designer boutique? – A fetish adventure? - A beauty clinic?
Enthroned on a pedestal lies the skeleton of a designer handbag, filled with human organs. Hasler unsettles the observer with her carefully staged and naturalistic reproduction of human organs in form of luxury fetish. Hermetically sealed behind glass cubicles, lie further objects of desire: plastic sculptures of organs formed out of leather, latex, wax and silicone. The observer is confronted with contradictions - and in particular, with his or her own taste. Where does attraction end and repulsion begin? One day, it will not be the Rolex on your wrist that will be the ultimate luxury accessory but kidneys embellished with diamonds. As soon as the exterior has been completely molded, plastic surgery of an internal organ
is its logical consequence,
Hasler investigates the fetishes of the world of luxury, this paradox fascination and obsession is the central theme of her shop installation. The objects exhibited remind us of strictly limited accessories on show in a luxurious designer boutique. Only at second glance do they unveil themselves as human organs.
Modeling human organs, the artist does not only make reference to the beauty craze and consumption. What characterizes these works is the sensitive assumption that - behind the smooth surface - an abyss of hidden desires and forbidden passions can be hidden, a major conflict between the search for identity and the pleasure principles, between social constraints and personal ambitions.